The best time for HMRC corporation tax webchat in Feb 2021?

Aaron Asaro
15 Feb 2021

12 minute read

Everyone knows that early morning is the best time to get hold of a corporation tax advisor on HMRC webchat. Except, everyone is wrong!

You can get ahead of the rest, if you join the queue between 3 - 4pm. You'll reduce your wait time by over 60% !

Chances are that you've got things to do today, if so, keep reading to see which other times of day might work better for you.

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Table of contents #

  1. Why use HMRC corporation tax webchat?
  2. How we found the best time of day for corporation tax webchat
  3. What is the best time of day for corporation tax webchat?
  4. Why is HMRC webchat so busy?
  5. Do you want easier access to HMRC webchat advisors for corporation tax?

Why use HMRC corporation tax webchat? #

We've written a few posts about the best times to use HMRC webchat e.g. waiting times for VAT webchat. So, it might not come as a surprise that we're big fans of HMRC webchat. The advisors are knowledgeable, the information is actionable and it's super easy to download a record of the conversation. The time you spend trying to reach an advisor through webchat isn't ideal though.

1. All you can do is wait, wait, and continue to wait
If you're like us, you want to try squeeze as much out of the day as possible. The problem is that if you try multitasking, you'll probably miss the "speak to an advisor" link; not ideal if you've got stuff to do!

2. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"
You've set aside a part of your day to wait for the "speak to advisor" link to appear. It appears, you race to complete the question form and submit it, and you have to try again. Is that frustrating or what!?

Okay, so we built the Webchat Autopilot plugin to help - if you want that sales spiel head down here. If you're already one of our smart, sophisticated plugin users (at the time of writing we have 15 🎉) you'll probably wish we could tell you how long you should wait. Well, we've given this treatment to VAT and self assessment, so it was time we looked into wait times for corporation tax (at long last).

How did we find the best time of day for corporation tax webchat? #

The method to this is identical to the approach we used to determine the waiting times for VAT webchat. As a refresher those steps were:

  1. We loaded the HMRC corporation tax webchat page.
  2. When the "speak to an advisor" link appeared we noted the time, and after a 10 second wait we refreshed the page.
  3. We repeated this measurement until HMRC webchat closed.

What is the best time of day for corporation tax webchat? #

The chart below shows how much your wait time[1] varies depending on the time of day you're trying to connect to an advisor. At worst, you'll be waiting for a shade under 31 minutes. However, if you plan your day you can take that wait time all the way down to around 12 minutes. It doesn't matter how you have your scone, that's a great result in any part of the country!

How long will I wait to speak to someone on HMRC webchat for corporation tax?

As the chart below shows, the morning is probably the best time to reach an advisor. Except for the 3 - 4pm slot, it's best to avoid the afternoon altogether.

What is the best time to use HMRC webchat for corporation tax?

Notes on the data #

  • We ran this test on Friday, 12 February 2021.
  • The time it took for a link to appear varied quite a bit. In the results above we're only plotting the longest time it will take for a given slot; you can't count on luck after all.

Why is HMRC webchat so busy? #

Covid-19 #

Covid-19 has put a huge strain on many industries. With that strain, cash flow is getting tight in many companies and HMRC is being remarkably rigid with deadlines and penalties. As a consequence there's a lot of demand for information on how best to negotiate year-ends, and payment due dates.

The strain on companies is coupled with the impact of Covid-19 on the webchat advisors. We're stuck in a second wave of the pandemic right now, and it's likely that some proportion of HMRC advisors may have taken ill, meaning they're not around to answer questions. With that in mind it's worth a reminder to be kind to the people you're speaking with - they're facing their own battles too.

Do you want easier access to HMRC webchat advisors for corporation tax? #

Woah. You made it to the bottom! Congratulations! If you've come this far, it's clear that you are a level-headed, clear thinker that wants to squeeze the most out of their workday. If you're dealing with corporation tax there are two ways to do that:

  1. Use HMRC webchat between 3 - 4pm.
  2. Install our free browser plugin for HMRC corporation tax webchat.

Our plugin is pretty handy (if we do say so ourselves) with features like:

  • Automatically clicking the "speak to advisor" link.
  • Letting you pre-complete the question.
  • Retrying on your behalf if you miss the gap to join the queue.

We believe that access to tailored HMRC information should be fast and simple, for everyone. With Webchat Autopilot for HMRC webchat, it is.


  1. If you're planning your day it's more useful to know the longest you might wait if you get unlucky. ↩︎